Welcome to Larry’s Crush Your Age! I’ll be discussing topics of exercise, health, and aging.

The reasons why exercise is so beneficial are many. It can help:

  • manage your weight
  • fight illness and disease
  • help your immune system
  • strengthen your bones, muscles and heart
  • reduce fatigue and help you sleep better
  • lift your mood and lower stress levels
  • improve circulation and boost memory

Exercise will also improve your posture, give you greater self-confidence and slow down the aging process. Who wouldn’t want all that?


Not everyone will want to, or be able to do the same kind of exercise. You may have physical conditions that will limit your activity. These can include injuries, illness, disease or disabilities that are unique to you. Before starting a new exercise program you should give careful thought to your own capabilities and even consult a doctor or physical therapist for advice. Everyone has physical limitations of some kind. It’s better to have an idea in advance what they are instead of finding out the hard, and painful, way.

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